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How to get started in the taxi business, what to buy, what you'll need besides a car and a driver's license. 
We have the experience, the technical know-how, the sources and the desire to help you get started, keep going,
make a profit and market your time effectively. We sell and service taxi cab meters, roof top lights, advertising signs,
and provide installation information to outfitters all over the world. We want to help you set up and prosper! 
Look at this Diagram, add cameras, panic alarms, security devices, credit card verification!  Just click HERE!
(Note: we have closed our two way radio division. Most cab companies now use mdt's, cellular, droids or similar equipment.
For two way radio, we suggest you contact a LOCAL dealer. He knows your area and the coverage of the local system.)

Cab Diagram and MORE!  
    Not the car, nor the license,
    . . and,  not the insurance,
. . . . . . but pretty much everything else

. . . . . . . . . . TAXI!

P2030P2030 S700 S700  S700-160S700/160                                
P2030R P2030R   C620C620         610 out{CENTRODYNE SILENT 610 DISCONTINUED}

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